The crossover are helmets composed by different modules that can adapt to different kinds of employment, that’s why someone calls them multi-function. The main feature of this type of helmets is the possibility to literally take off and reassemble some of its parts in order to make them more effective in different situations. 

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Why choose them

Let’s make a very easy example.

You have a crossover and you usually use your motorcycle to go to work during the week. The trip is short and the speed is low. In order to feel more comfortable, you can allow yourself to remove the chin.

In the weekend, when you’ll ride your motorcycle to the beach or to the mountains – so you’ll be riding for many more kilometers – you can easily reassemble your chin protector.

The possibility to remove the chin and leave it at home is an important difference between crossover and openable helmets.

Crossover helmets, in order to be named like that, need to have the P/J certification. This is the only case where you can ride without chin, respecting the current regulations. A multi-function helmet with P/J certification undergoes the same resistance trials as a full face helmet, so it’s equally safe.

Owning a multi-function helmet is almost like owning two helmets: a full face and a jet. This is why it’s such a versatile product that can be used both as a light and practical accessory and as a complete and highly protective one.

Crossover versus full face

Contrary to a full face, this kind of helmet has mainly two defects: weight and noise.

The system to hook and unhook the chin makes the crossover helmet a little heavier. In the same way, even the air has a different contact with the shell, which in these helmets has got splits to remove the chin.

For this reason, the helmet is a bit more noisy compared to a full face, even though the most advanced models are designed to easily solve these flaws.

Two practical examples

In order to give you an idea of the characteristics, we’re going to look at two examples by Nolan, an Italian production house. Let’s start with the N40-5 GT helmet, which was born to replace its predecessor N40 Full: it’s an evolution both for its technical features and for the look. 

The N40-5 GT by Nolan is an excellent entry-level product, perfect both for bikers and for scooter riders, with a very captivating look. This model has a polycarbonate shell which makes it light and an ultrawide visor that allows a broad vision of the road.

The crossover by Nolan has a double P/J certification, so it can be used both and without the chin. Moreover, it’s equipped with a convenient VPS visor with UVA rays protection. The Airbooster Technology ventilation system lets fresh air in and foul air out, so using the helmet in the summer is a pleasant experience too. 

Now let’s look into a higher quality product, a Nolan helmet from the X-Lite line: the X-403 GT Ultra Carbon. 

As you can understand from its name, this line is made of composite fibers with a high percentage of carbon, a material that guarantees a very good solidity and a light weight of the helmet. Even this model has a double P/J certification, so you can use it both as a full face and as a Jet helmet. 

The X-403 GT Ultra Carbon is equipped with a ultrawide visor too, so it guarantees an excellent lateral visibility. It also has an anti-scratch system that limits the wear and tear caused by weather agents and rubbles. 

When it comes to this model, Nolan really thought of everything, equipping it with:

  • a small internal anti-fog visor;
  • room for your glasses beams in the cheeks;
  • underthroat bands for a better fit;
  • sunshield visor with UV protection up to 400 nanometers.

By integrating lateral plates made of LEXAN polycarbonate, the Italian company from Brembate di Sopra made this model lighter and more elegant at the same time. 

In order to complete the X-403 GT Ultra Carbon safety system, Nolan chose the Microlock 2 fastening system, with a double lever that guarantees a double dose of safety to those who wear it. As for the cheek pads, they can be easily removed in case of need, thanks to the NERS system.  

It’s an extremely versatile model that meets the most different needs and usages. You can use it, without chin and visor, to feel some fresh air on your face in the summer. At the same time, you can reassemble it and use it in the winter, to protect yourself against wind or rain. 

• • •

In conclusion, a crossover helmet is perfect for those who use their motorcycle or scooter as crossovers too. If you want to get rid of the flaws and limits of this kind of helmets, you just need to choose a high quality product as the ones we talked about. And remember: it must have a double P/J certification!